Erich Schweizer

Senior Consultant

Erich Schweizer is a Career Management and Talent Management Senior Consultant with Right Management.

Coaching and Consulting Experience

Erich Schweizer switched after more than 25 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry to the consulting business and founded his own company. Based on his dual experience as a line manager and as HR-manager, he coaches in career transition and personal new orientation.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

After his studies as biochemist, Erich Schweizer joined the Diagnostics Division of a global pharmaceutical company as a researcher in the department Research and Development Diagnostics Clinical Chemistry. Later, he became head of this department with locations in Switzerland and USA. He was responsible for many important projects.

After 11 years in this scientific business, Erich Schweizer switched to Human Resources and he took over the HR department at the head office of the Diagnostics Division of this global pharmaceutical company and assumed all tasks of an HR-Business partner. He experienced the merger and integration of the world wide leading diagnostics company into this global pharmaceutical company and as a consequence the closure of the location. Together with his team he managed the controlled downsizing of approx. 500 collaborators within two years. It was very important to him to explain the restructuring process in a comprehensible and tangible way to the employees and to support them with great effort in their new orientation.

Having this task completed, Erich Schweizer took over the position of an HR-business partner for various departments at the head office of this global pharmaceutical company at Basel, i.e. corporate, finance, IT and others . He and his team supported approx. 1300 employees and superiors. Since change management and restructuring belong to the normal development of organizations, Erich Schweizer accompanied several reorganizations, downsizing and building up of new departments. In addition, Erich Schweizer headed several important HR-projects at the Basel site, e.g. the introduction of the web based recruiting tool Taleo.

Erich Schweizer was also engaged in the training of young HR professionals by teaching the module “Change Management” at the SKP-Operations HR course.

Education and Training

Erich Schweizer is a Biochemist with a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Zurich.

During his professional work he attended various business courses for managers, e.g. at Insead or the London Business school.

In addition, he attended the higher Swiss course for personnel, SKP.