Micheline Aebersold

Senior Consultant

Micheline Aebersold-Golay is a Senior Consultant for career management and talent management with Right Management.

Coaching Experience

Micheline Aebersold-Golay has many years of experience in guiding and developing managers in the mid and upper levels of companies, in change management, in recruitment and in coaching.

Her areas of focus as a consultant are as follows:

· Supporting and coaching managers and executive managers in change and crisis situations

· Professional support in internal and external communication throughout the restructuring process for line and HR managers

· Outplacement and recruitment

· Developing management skills, making location decisions as well as implementing a feedback structure and culture

· Business mediation

Her experience covers national and international companies in the following areas: the service sector, (air) traffic, trusts, insurance, the health sector (hospitals, health organizations), industry, tourism and many more.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

Micheline Aebersold-Golay has ten years of management experience at the levels of divisional and executive management with responsibility for guiding several hundred employees and managers.

Furthermore she has experiences in project management, a membership of various task forces and interdisciplinary working groups, management of contractual negotiations with employee associations and trade unions. She possesses a well-developed experience in crisis management with dismissal and strike management.

She is committed to achieving transparent communication and exceptional management and responsibility skills.

Education and Training

Micheline Aebersold-Golay has undergone further training in the areas of general management, executive training, coaching, moderation, leadership and business mediation.

She is licensed for psycho-diagnostic tools and questionnaires; incl. IDI/PDI, Birkman.

Micheline Aebersold-Golay speaks German, English and French.