Susanne Karlsson

Senior Consultant

Susanne Karlsson is a Career Management and Talent Management Senior Consultant with Right Management.

Consulting Experience

Susanne Karlsson has during her career as a line manager obtained a broad experience of on-the-job coaching, personnel development and leadership. She coaches individuals in situations related both to work or private life. Susanne has a holistic approach to coaching and her aim is always about focusing on the main areas of obstacles that hinders an individual to move forward as effectively as possible.

Her main focus is in the following areas:

As an operational business manager Susanne Karlsson has worked in world leading companies in the finance sector; auditing, intelligent information provision, media and asset management.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

Susanne Karlsson is a Senior Manager with an extensive experience in international companies, primarily in the finance sector; She has held senior positions as Financial & Administration Manager and HR Manager at country and regional levels, and VP/Senior Manager in Investment administration. She has an in-depth change management experience, which includes the creation of a strategic business case for a cross functional global project establishing a shared service platform for the Finance function. She is experienced in the management and implications of important reorganizations and of both significant business growth and contraction.

Education and Training

Susanne Karlsson holds a Master of Science in Business and Public Law from the University of Gothenburg. In addition she has completed a post-graduate degree specializing in Maritime Law at the University of Oslo. As part of her operational business experience Susanne has completed a multitude of training, focusing on areas such as Communication and Leadership, Problem solving and Decision making and Management Development. She completed a full year Mentoring Program (Ruter Dam) aimed at promoting women to leading positions in the Swedish Industry. Susanne Karlsson has certificates in Investment Management and Somatic coaching.

Susanne Karlsson has lived and worked in Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark and Switzerland. She is fluent in English, French and Swedish.