Thomas Moll

Senior Consultant

Thomas Moll is a Talent Management and Career Management Senior Consultant with Right Management.

Consulting Experience

The focus of his activities is:

In 2007 Thomas Moll joined Right Management where he is active in career development and coaching at senior level.

His consulting and coaching experience includes national and international companies in activities such as: industrials, automotive, packaging, aluminum, chemical and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, service delivery, banking, insurance, aviation, IT + telecommunication, Universities and more. Additionally, he consults students in their research activities and Master thesis.

Thomas Moll founded his own company in the year 2004 and also works as an uncommitted consultant at Right Management’s disposal.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience/p>

Thomas Moll was Head Group Leadership Development Alusuiesse Lonza Group (worldwide industrial group, 30000 employees); he reported directly to the CEO and worked together in strategic change initiatives. Previously he worked as a Senior Consultant, Organizational and Personal Development for Swissair leading strategic change and training projects. He also worked as a researcher and project leader for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) at the Institute of Work Psychology./p>

Areas of expertise are:

Education and Training

Thomas holds a Ph.D from the Philosophic Faculty of Bern University. He also earned a Diploma of Psychology at the University of Berlin.

Based on his education in Psychology he has training and certifications in several sectors like Coaching, Leadership, social competencies, personal and teamdevelopment. His business experience includes working for projects in USA, Canada and European countries (Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Rumania) as well with a big number of Asian managers.

He speaks German and English fluently.